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Top 5 Architecture and Design Blogs You Should Join for Daily Inspiration

In a slump? Need some inspiration and have no clue where to start looking? We’ve been there, and we have found some of the best sources of inspiration you can think of on the web. It gets difficult to continue coming up with new, innovative designs and techniques to get the job done while keeping the customer satisfied.

In this post, we’ll give you the top 5 sources of inspiration that members of our team have singled out to be their favorites. We hope you’ll feel inspired by all of them!

Design Milk

As the name says, this is a rich source of everything design – graphic design, interior design, fashion, art, photography, architecture, you name it, they blog it. Find some neat inspiration from industry leaders or others while you sip your first cup of coffee in the morning.

buys - Top 5 Architecture and Design Blogs You Should Join for Daily Inspiration


Busyboo is more architecture oriented and will delight you with amazing images of the latest styles and trends in the world of architecture, whether commercial or residential, you’ll more than likely fall in love with this site instantly. Their key focus is on simplistic and simple design – think function with a splash of fabulous aesthetics to charm the socks right off of you.


You simply have to follow this Tumblr account – have to! You’ll be bombarded by amazing shots of buildings, skyscrapers, mural art and the like all set to get you ready and inspired for a start to a new day at the office – you’re welcome!

cabin - Top 5 Architecture and Design Blogs You Should Join for Daily Inspiration

Cabin Porn

Get lost in awe-inspiring images of cabins well kept away from society’s reach. This source of inspiration is best used on those days that you dream of your little place, far away from the realities of the city, while you daydream on the layout and materials you will use to get your hideout set up and kitted out.

Apartment Therapy

For some everyday interior design inspiration, apartment therapy is definitely perfect. You’ll find anything from handy tips for decorating and refurbishing, to which color to paint your walls to inspire productivity. If you’re not going to use this source of work inspiration, you will definitely be able to use it for some style and design tips in and around the house.

There are literally millions of great sources on the web, these are only our favorites. We hope you have found something worth subscribing to, and that you will continue reading Venice Photo School’s articles for more inspiration and insightful articles too. Have we left your go-to inspirational site out? Get in touch and let us know in the comment section below.


Faraday 3D Knowledge base

These guys do outstanding exterior 3D visualizations. Worth checking out if interested in visualizing your architectural projects.


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