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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional 3D Architectural Visualization Studio

This post is actually directed at prospective clients looking to hire someone to design a building or development for them, but maybe you will find it insightful too! It’s always interesting to see and know what people out there think about the industry and how it works. In this post, we take a look at what exactly the pros and cons are when a client would opt for hiring a team of architectural 3D visualization artists rather than outsourcing and getting a freelancer. Let’s get started by looking at the cons.


Even though it is hard to imagine that there may be any negatives, in life, there is always some form of yang to the lying.


Clients will only be able to contact the team dedicated to their project during business hours. This means no after-hour favors or late-night working unless of course, this is the understanding the client has with the agency or firm.

Higher Cost

Hiring a professional team, firm or agency will mean the client would have to pay up. Freelancers don’t charge half of the rate that a dedicated team would cost.


The list of pros outweighs the cons just a little bit, as can be expected.

Client facing managers

Clients are able to speak to managers who then communicate any questions or queries to their dedicated team – this makes the process run smoothly and ensures no miscommunication.

Access to a dedicated team

A client has a dedicated team with set goals to get the job done in time. This also means the project would have a deadline by when it is expected to be completed.


When hiring a team or firm, there will most probably be a contract in place by which all parties involved should adhere to. Both client and team are thusly protected from any discrepancies that may creep up during any phase of the project.

Access to wide range of skills

The client will benefit from having access to a team with a wide variety of skills, from a dedicated architect to a dedicated landscaper and designer. In turn, this means the client is able to complete the whole entirety of their project at one place, there would be no need to get outside parties involved which could, in turn, increase the cost.

On the flip side of the coin, hiring a freelancer could be just as beneficial. It all depends on the scope and nature of the client’s project. Either way, whether you are working at a firm with a load of resources at your fingertips to get a job done in no-time, or working in your home-office with your own software, each client should be taken care of by way of their specific needs dictates.

If you are a freelancer looking for a new challenge, why not join an online platform where you can bid for jobs? The following are popular sources you can use:

We hope that you have found this article interesting and whether you are working for yourself or for a bigger company, that your main goal is to provide a professional service, second to none.

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